This wiki is not about Leonardo Da Vinci but rather the wiki he would create if he have lived today - a notebook of visionary ideas that anyone can edit.

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  • --Oshani 18:45, November 14, 2009 (UTC): Our first community effort projects is to develop a new method for intellectual property management, called Cascading-Creative-Contracts. You can follow up on this idea and join in when the concept becomes clear enough.
  • --Oshani 18:48, September 13, 2009 (UTC): I moved my Koi project (which is something I actually work on now days) to here as the first project in the Wiki. You can follow up on it as an example of how a project should be built and maintained.

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Koi is going to be a knowledge management package for (or in) Ruby. By "going to be" I mean that it is in its very early phase of development. The name stands for "Knowledge-Oriented Infrastructure"... kind of squeezy, I know, but yes, It's because of the carp.

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